So that’s it. I’m starting a blog. Big news, huh? How original, indeed.
As a matter of fact, the main thing that kept me from blogging so far is the simple fact that everyone blogs today. I mean, everyone. Everyone is delivering news, everyone is giving reviews or scribbling tutorials, everyone talking about what happens in their life…

Ok, that’s a negative attitude. And you know what? I AM negative, I AM pessimist, I AM cynical and defeatist. Why? Maybe because where I live, most of the times, if you preventively think like that, there’s a huge, huuuuuge chance you will get it right. Fu**ing serious.
Anyway, the net is one of the few places that help me to overcome my surroundings’ limits (and to recognize mine, too – sometimes with a really depressing outcome, but let’s skip this): there’s an incredible amount of trash in the Internet, but there’s also creativity, connection, information. There’s escape from whatever bores and annoys you (ok, almost whatever). There’s sharing (magic world), there’s community (alchemic one), two concept I’ve never really explored in my life. I’m an individualist, I’m selfish for political choice, I grew up into a culture that taught me – sometimes in the wrong way – that if you have something valuable and you share it with someone, good chance it is that he will steal it from you.
Am I exaggerating? Maybe, maybe not.

Second. I always treasured writing. It has always been a precious thing to me. That’s why for many years I have written mainly fiction drafts for myself. But I also have lent my hands for cheap money to write an absolute titanic opus of bullshit for a local newspaper (no, this didn’t improve my attitude). So the formula has always been: if I don’t write shit for (very few) money, I just write something that’s “worth” it; and I’ve always considered a writing that wasn’t either a job or a creative effort a waste of time. That included blabbling on a blablog. And now that I’m experimenting with it, I can confirm it: blogging is fu**ing time consuming, so it’s serious business: you can do so many other things in the meantime.

I still have to come to the point (story of my life – sorry). Now I will. I decided to blog mainly because a friend of mine started it and made me think about it. Some things have changed in last years, in my life; maybe I’m just getting older and tired of too much shit… whatever it is, I just discovered that sometimes putting down some words in sorted way helps me to feel a little better. And it’s also a valuable mental training: putting down real words in a real organized form is extremely more engaging and exigent than simple free thought. And free thinking, for me, can mean free-falling thinking; I just can end up sucked away by gravity without even noticing it. A thought in your mind can seem so complete, definitive, clear… but it’s just because your mental processes are filling that gap… but it’s like a clichéd western movie set: nothing behind the facade. Writing helps you to shape it and verify it. Trivial, I know, still it’s one of the reason many people blogs, I believe.
So, basically I’m doing therapy.

Enough for the why; straight to the what.
I’m what boring people without imagination and understanding call a socially awkward bloke. So I believe that my everyday life is not included in the pool of topics. Since this is a personal blog, I won’t provide any service of news, tutorials or other stuff. So I simple decided to do exactly what any blog tutorial states it’s not the right approach to blog: I Talk About Stuff I Like, when I feel like it and because I like it. End of story. But still, I decided to concentrate on topics I’d like to find a dialogue and a confrontation upon. That puts cats out of the pool too (there’s nothing to discuss about cats. They’re the greatest creatures ever. Period).
So I will start with two of my obsessions. Music and entertainment. Again, trivial. Again, I know. But the point will not be about the fields of interest but about what and how I will write. I’m thinking about some fiction projects, too… but later.
I love entertainment and I studied movies. I love music and I study it. I’m not an academic expert, I just follow my threads and interests. But I like to analyze (and I believe I’ve got some tools to do it), I need to build threads in my mind to organize and store everything I’ve enjoyed (otherwise I forget it). And I like to talk about what I’ve come up with. I don’t call it analysis, I don’t call it review… I call it jerking off. And exactly like wanking, this probably benefits me more than people watching it. Nevertheless, I’m jerking off here, from now on. Here too, I mean.
I did provide some short movie, anime and serials reviews for my friends on Facebook these years, maybe this would be incorporated here, too. I don’t know. For now, I’m just starting.

Feel free to comment under every post, to circle me on G+, follow me on Twitter (non using it so much, though). I’m here to talk but not necessarily to talk alone.

See ya soon.

C. S. W.