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I usually don’t write quick reviews of new stuff.
But this is something really worth a little exception.

The random adventures of Brandon Generator is an interactive animated show by Edgar Wright, sponsored by Microsoft.
The viewers contribute actively and, most important, creatively: we can suggest story plots, send drawings or photos, record audio messages, etc.
If something fits what they have in mind, it’s included in the show. And its’ kind of meta, justifying this interactive layer by putting it into the story.
We can’t say how deep and “real” the interactive element is, but for sure I like the fact that you’re not just required to express a choice (“must she live/die?”) or to randomly blab to some twitter account like in other interactive shows but to actively contribute in a creative way.
I was skeptic, when it started. But now, after having seen the second episode (out of four), I can tell that the story seems quite interesting, stimulating and solid, (maybe going towards a surreal or metaphoric territory?) and the interactivity enough integrated and, in itself, intriguing.
Side detail: I don’t know if Brandon’s Twitter account is managed by Wright or if he just (more likely) wrote down a series of tweets to publish. Anyway, it has a typical “Wrightesque” feel.
Probably the best interactive show I know of. Check it out until you can.