I’m not done writing this blog and I’m not done writing about web series. Not yet.
I’ve just suspended posting for a while.
I have been preparing a new bunch of articles (should we call them Season Two just for fun?) and I’ll be posting them when they’re ready.
Just in case some of you came here and wanted more, or even better, were kind enough to subscribe, here’s a couple of words about the stalling.

Quick explanation

I ran out of topics, I ran out of time, something else came up. I’m coming back. Stay tuned.

Long explanation (in case you wanted to know something more about me)

I’ve started this blog as an experiment.
It wasn’t supposed to take away so much time, neither to focus on web series. But it happened. And talking about web shows has become part a need, part a will, part a mission, part a desire to try to connect with someone else with the same passion and, more importantly, my little contribute to drag more people to the space, offering them thematic threads and paths to explore the meaningful stuff that is already there and to know the great creators behind it.

But, again, that wasn’t the initial plan. The plan was, mainly, put some ideas out there, some random thoughts about entertainment stuff. My thoughts, the ones I like to build and follow. Mental wanks, possibly. To expand what I was already doing on Facebook, but for very few friends (and on a support way less organized than a blog). And to see if someone came along. Like the one I made about Mike Oldfield, that was just a tryout, that I did never advertise in any way but ended up to be one of my most watched (and hopefully read) articles.
Meanwhile, I wanted to get accustomed to the blogging practice and the wordpress basic use, to try promoting content on different social networks, seeing the response, statistics, and the like.
Third, and it’s the focus of the post, I wanted to experiment the scheduled content routine; and, for about six months, I forced myself, no matter what, to release a new article every week, here or on another blog, sometimes on both.
Probably you don’t see it in the final result, but putting together an average retrospective of mine takes a lot of time (not included the time spent in watching the shows, of course) and, as you can get by the absence of ads, I’m not making any money out of it. I tried to work at least two weeks in advance, but It wasn’t always possible (thanks to Rob for the quick proofreading, btw).

Now, I can say Phase One is over.
First. There’s no need to pursue any further the usual formula of promoting content online, because this blog simply doesn’t fit the profile. It’s not made for the masses. Better, it talks to everyone, but it’s not made to be mass appealing or, as it is frequent on the Internet, deceiving and falsely professionally looking. This is and remains a “private” space, with open doors. Otherwise, the graphics would be quite different. This is nichey. This is, if you like, indie. An article about Katy Perry’s juicy bottom will have, alone, in one day, more visits than I’ll have in a year.
Second. I finally got back to seriously study music, which is the most meaningful thing I have in my life. And that takes a lot of time. A lot.
Third. There were some shows I really liked that I was unable to put together in a thread or retrospective (or there weren’t enough to fill one properly). Lately, I came up either with new ideas or new shows fitting them, but I had lost the train, so to speak; I was unable to write them down in time for the scheduled posting.

At this point, I decided to change approach.
Experimental times are over and there’s no need to rush. I’ve got something like ten new articles planned, after what the retrospective series will be concluded (and only occasionally updated or integrated with newly discovered series). And, instead of struggling to post them in time, I want to work on them more naturally, without pressures, and all at once. I can’t guarantee they’ll be better, though [winky face]; but, at least, I’ll be more relaxed in making them.
I had a second option: posting some random, personal thoughts about web video and web entertainment (I’ve got a couple of them, as you can guess, like this one that, while being extremely simple and shallow, went pretty well) as a “filler” in the wake of more informative, review-like posts. But still, that would have called for additional time and the priority, now, is just to finish and post the last retrospectives (and maybe readapting a couple of old ideas never published here). And I’m not a pro, after all, just a passionate guy that studied movies at the university.

So, for now, the new plan is to resume posting on September. Probably by-weekly (or weekly in case of a long article split into two posts), with, maybe, the option of writing said fillers in the middle (they probably would take less time to put down, unless I want to complicate my life – quite likely – and add references, links or doing more research). If not, I would probably write some of those posts after running out of retrospectives, but with no schedule whatsoever.

So, these are the news.
If you mind, if you please, if you care, if you whatever… let me know what you think in the comments, or on G+, or on Twitter (though I’m almost never there).

See ya.