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pfIt’s a lifetime I don’t listen to The Dark Side of The Moon.
This stream (http://darkside40.pinkfloyd.com/#/moon, going on march 24 to celebrate the album’s 40 years) doesn’t count (and actually it’s strange to hear some little differences in editing, but whatever), both because streaming is not proper listening to and because I’m doing something else in the process.

I don’t even own a proper copy of it. My “source” at the time was a metal or chrome tape, copied from the Mobile Fidelity gold remaster; the analog imperfections of the tape and the perfect sound of MF ed., matched together, created a unique blend; the EQ did the rest. I knew I could never replicate that sound with a remastered CD and that’s why I skipped the various editions that came out during the years (they’re a lot; ask Google if you don’t believe it). Because it was, in essence, a custom made sound; but also the sound I listened to so many times. The sound of my Dark Side Of The Moon.

Now I could probably buy one, though. Even if I don’t listen to my “old” music so often. I think it’s better to leave it where it is, in my memory and my past. My hearing is different (better from certain aspects, worse for others) and my heart too.

Anyway, is somewhat curious that the strongest memory I have, associated to this album, is Christmas dinner.
For some reason, I felt the need to spend an hour in this sonic world before facing the ordinary ritual of that evening. A pagan ritual itself? Maybe, I don’t know.
And often, it was snowing. For sure, it was cold. But the room was well warmed (“good to warm my bones beside the fire”).

I’ve always felt it to be a winter album, anyway.

I never say “happy anniversary”. But this time, I’m really close to do it.