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My favorite fantasy comedy is back with a “surprise”.
A longer Third Season to properly make use of an explosive crowd-funding campaign. Save the date: November 18h.

sa2Maybe some of you will remember my old article about cross-genre comedy web series. It was one of the most appreciated of this blog.
Anyway, I’m not bringing it up to lazily get some extra views but for a more substantial reason.
One of the article’s highlights, and my favorite web fantasy comedy “for geeks of all kinds”, is coming back with its Third Season.
Yep, folks, you read the title, you saw the picture: I’m talking about Standard Action.

Back in the day, in 2012 (a lifetime, sahuh?) I praised the series for its witty writing, its lively and personal characters, the clever twists of some sub-plots and a vague “meta” feel here and there. And of course for Edda the barbarian elf. You gotta love Edda.
Many roads have been crossed since then.
The series won some awards, added a second season and a web comic, left us with a kind of cliffhanger and gathered a crow of devoted fans, that supported Season Three with three times (302%)  the prefixed goal.
To properly answer to such love and enthusiasm, the creators decided to extend Season Three and produce more than the planned six episodes.
Now I’ve just heard from Joanna Gaskell herself the launch date, too: November 18th, 2014. (Gaskell is writer and production manager, while Rob Hunt is director, cinematographer, editor, VFX artist and, I suppose, jack of all trades).

It’s been a long run for sure.
And while, in two years, my opinion on web series has changed drastically and I became more selective (even more than the snob I already was), still I remember Standard Action for its sense of genuine, honest storytelling, its playful acting, for its peculiar, personal mood. For doing what indie web series (should) do best: to follow its own path.
And while I was more attentive to some general “low budget effect” watching Season Two, that essential vibe was intact.
So I’m really curious to see if I will find it again in the new season, that promises to be an improvement on the technical side, too.
If you haven’t seen the show, check out my previous article for more details.
Or even better: give it a try yourself.
And trust me: you don’t need to be a geek to like it.
Well, maybe. Just a tiny little bit

EDIT: I’ve been told that another show mentioned in that old article, Walking in Circles, is back with season two. It’s online already. Just so you know it.