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An exploration of the overwhelming catalogue of an overlooked artist, Genesis founder and composer

Anthony Phillips Discography GuideLast year UK Esoteric label put out an anthology box-set called Harvest Of The Heart dedicated to Anthony Phillips’ solo music. One year later, a plan for more extensive reissues of the back catalog was set in action.
I’ve been exploring Phillips’ music extensively in the past five years and more, never finding out a full article or reference that put his overwhelming discography under a lens properly unwinding his many musical threads. So here it is. A four-parter, no less.

Because of the extremely diverse quality and typology of releases, and the high number of volumes, Phillips’ overall body of work can appear confusing and inconsistent, making it harder for the non-initiated to sort it out. A typical album-by-album, song-by-song review (apart from being impractical) would not be as helpful.
What I will attempt here is to focus on separate aspects of his music, providing a little background and exploring albums by critically sorting them in consistent groups.
This is intended to be as objective as possible, but obviously a personal (re)view can’t be avoided here and there.
Moreover, this is my personal homage to an artist pretty difficult to classify (too classical to be rock/folk, too easy to be classical; too pop to be progressive, too prog to be pop, etc…); not everybody’s cup of tea (and everybody would possibly have different picks), sure, but unswervingly overlooked nevertheless.
If you haven’t yet, you should give him try.

Part 1: Rock and large scale albums
Part 2: Guitar and piano music
Part 3: Series and collections
Part 4: Private Parts & Pieces