Hi, stranger. Welcome into my little space.
The following is a little introduction I wrote years ago when I started the blog.
That doesn’t represent the actual me (or the actual blog, should it became active more frequently again) completely, because “the river of constant change”.
Anyway, until I’ll come up with something to replace it, I’ll leave it here.
This is to say you can skip all this. I won’t be offended

If you got here, chances are that you were searching for something I’ve scribbled upon or my tags let you believe that you could find some porn.

My name is Cesar Windmill (C.S. for close friends) and this is another self centered blog you probably don’t need (you can still like it, though).
This started as a sort of self therapy, based on the “thaumaturgic power of words” [did you get the quotation, didn’t you?], in the midst of a very “raged” moment (traces of which can be found in my first post), but transformed easily into something in the middle between an open notebook to fix ideas, a list of suggestions for friends and a space for critical journalism.

I like and need to analyze things. I did my studies (and somewhat still do) and have some tools to do it. But my approach is neither a mere review (which I don’t really believe in) or an academical paper (too many words and sentences no-one is really interested in, right?). And I don’t even do proper journalism, because I don’t follow trends or numbers but choose my topics and contents only following my tastes, ideas and plans. It’s probably something in between all these worlds, with possibly an eye to market and productive issues (the ones I can grasp, at least).
So, the big question is if you may find this useful, or not. Sometimes, I give infos but some other I just feel like to talk. And I hope you’ll have something to say back.

Topics? As usual: music, movies, TV serials, animation, web series (that end up being the subject of the majority of the existing articles ’cause I was in sort of a deep phase when the blog was more active).

But there’s also a space dedicated to pure, unnecessary and self-indulgent rumblings.

Feel free to comment and to reach me elsewhere: I’m, more or less, on: G+, Twitter, Pinterest.
You can find the links on the main page or on my gravatar.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you soon.

 C. S. W.