Web Series – Start From Here

Needing to get a start with web series?
Maybe I can help.

As you can see, a great part of the blog is dedicated to web series. That wasn’t originally planned; but since it happened, let’s try to make the best out of it.

While I’m always happy to see a creator stopping by and say hallo on these virtual pages, my retrospective articles are mainly addressed to viewers, especially people with limited on no knowledge of the web series form, trying to spot, for starters, what we could allow ourselves to call the classics.
So, if you’re asking yourself “what web series to watch?”, “where to find good web series?”, “which web series are the best?” and the like, here you can find a partial answer.

Of course, as I’m trying to tell more extensively here, web entertainment is mostly niche-oriented. That means, simply put, that what I like is not necessarily what you like. That’s why, by the way, compiling top ten lists of web series is pointless, without specifying a strict filter of some objectivity (eg. the better produced, interpreted, edited… if that classifications does make any sense, anyway).

To partially make up for that, I try a double approach.
Firstly, I don’t write quick reviews of new stuff, maybe based on the pilot only, and certainly not reducing them to a video embedding and an analysis like “that’s cool, watch it”. I try, instead, to built thematic threads, putting together shows that have something in common and allowing the reader to start exploring the existent production not totally blindly; and providing, for the same reason, a little hint to the creator’s background.
(Plus, Indie Intertube and Those Video Guys already do an excellent job in suggesting new shows and there’s no need for me to duplicate their effort. Follow them, instead).
Secondly, I briefly justify my picks (the part that you would probably call “review”) trying to adduce some criteria of choice you can agree or disagree with but, at least, are meant to give you some coordinates (if you’re searching for a female based drama, it’s quite pointless sending you to a horror story, even if it’s awesome, isn’t it?).

That said, here’s a quick way to navigate my posts

  • All posts about web series (retrospectives, introductory articles or personal thoughts, are here).
  • The retrospectives alone, here.
  • A selection of the best web series I suggest you to watch, is here (and sends you back to the articles, as well).
  • Another selection, in random order but more visual, is here on my Pinterest board; that, again, will re-direct you to the extensive post (just click on the picture a couple of times).
  • On Pinterest, too, you can follow a second board, where I pin some memos about upcoming series I’m interested in (generally I subscribe directly, so it won’t probably be full of titles).

Finally, keep in mind that each post contains links to the show’s page and the videos; when necessary, e.g. on videos uploaded on different aggregators, I may also suggest the one with higher quality. What more do you want?